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This Little Sensor Could Be Causing Massive AC Troubles

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Ah, air conditioning. That wonderful invention that keeps our spaces cool and comfortable on scorching summer days. But what happens when that blissful breeze turns into a sweltering nightmare?

Believe it or not, one tiny component can be the culprit behind major AC troubles that demand AC repair in Boca Raton, FL. Let’s explore the world of air conditioning and shine a spotlight on the tiny sensor that plays a big role in the performance of your cooling system!

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3 Winter AC Tips for Our Unique Climate

Monday, November 21st, 2022

You’ve probably spoken to friends and relatives out of state by now and realized that the rest of the country is going through a bit of a temperature shift. In some places, it’s starting to snow. But down here, things are tropical which means they stay relatively warm all year round. That being said, we do experience a bit of a temperature shift during the winter, and you’re likely going to be using your air conditioner differently than you would in the summer.

This blog post is going to cover two important ideas. The first is that winter is the perfect time to schedule AC repair in Wellington, FL, since it might not be the most important appliance right now. The second idea will cover some tips that might help save you money, energy and help your AC technology breathe a sigh of relief.

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Fall Tips for Warm Weather

Monday, September 26th, 2022

While the rest of the country might be gearing up for a cold winter, we get to sit back and relax knowing that we chose a sunnier and warmer place to live. There will still be cold days this winter for us, that’s a given, but at least we won’t be inundated with snow storms and other natural incidents that can be dangerous or frightening. We just need to keep our air conditioners running well.

That’s the big thing for us. We still have plenty of warm days ahead, and in the springtime as well. Just take a look and evaluate all of the 90+ degree weather days we have on the horizon!

This blog post is going to be about a few longevity tips for your air conditioning. Fall is not as hot as the summer, but it’s a point where systems in dire need of AC repair in Wellington, FL can start to falter as we continue to use them.

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Sounds Your AC SHOULD Make

Monday, July 18th, 2022

Hmm… That can’t be write. Don’t we usually talk about noises that your air conditioner should never make? How can we turn things around and talk about sounds your AC should make if it’s supposed to be quiet?

Well, the truth is that no appliance is ever really silent. Even air conditioners, for as quiet as they can be, should make some relatively low noises that facilitate the cooling process. After all, they’re doing a pretty considerable amount of work to cool your home down, so that would be quite an amazing feat of technology to have them work in complete silence.

Until that day comes, the important thing to remember as an AC owner is that your system should only make quiet, comfortable noises like the ones listed below. If you notice any strange or disconcerting noises coming from the system, then we urge you to call us for AC repair in Wellington.

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Ice on Your AC Is Never Good

Monday, July 4th, 2022

If you’re the owner of an air conditioner, then you might already be aware of the fact that it doesn’t use ice to cool your home. Air conditioners, just like other household appliances, use electricity to run a compressor and cool the air of your home. The moment ice enters this equation, you’re in for a rough time.

In fact, human beings haven’t used ice to cool the space in their homes for a long time. It’s not because it’s aesthetically unappealing (some people love the look of icicles), but it’s because it just doesn’t work very well. Ice only cools objects, liquids, and the immediate space around it. Air conditioners need to cool tons of air throughout your home, which requires a more efficient method.

So, keep reading to learn why spotting ice growing on your air conditioner’s coil is almost always a bad thing that requires AC repairs in Wellington.

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Where Can I Learn More About Energy Efficiency?

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important conversation, especially as more people begin to appreciate their role in the saving of the planet.

But what does energy efficiency really mean?

Simply put, energy efficiency is performing the same task using less energy. This reduces energy waste, and consequently lowers greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates the demand for energy imports, and lowers the costs of running households and even the general economy.

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Our Refrigerant FAQ

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Homeowners have a lot of questions about refrigerant. Most people know that it’s a material used for air conditioning in cars, homes, and buildings, but they don’t know much beyond that. Why would they? It’s not like we’re ever told about refrigerant in our high school chemistry classes, so it can be hard to find out more information when things aren’t easily presented to us.

We’re here to change that! We’re going to talk about the major questions we get about refrigerant. We’ll tell you our advice from an industry expert’s perspective and we’re also here to help you with any HVAC work you might need. We provide affordable AC repairs in Wellington, FL and we can absolutely patch a refrigerant leak and recharge the system.

If you’re struggling with your refrigerant, or you think you’ve got a problem with your air conditioner’s refrigerant, don’t hesitate to call us and keep reading this blog!

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7 Ways to Stay Efficient This Year

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Energy efficiency and your air conditioning run hand in hand. Without proper AC services, your energy bill will likely skyrocket and you’ll see an increase in electricity costs through your home. Likewise, your AC might be in good shape, but if you’re not doing your part to stay energy efficient, your AC will begin to wear down and suffer.

Our team is concerned with keeping both of these categories in a good place. We want your air conditioner to work properly and efficiently, and we want your home to be as suited to energy efficiency as possible. All of this can be done through our maintenance program, and targeted AC repair in Wellington, FL by the pros on our team.

Down below, we’ve listed 7 helpful ways to keep your home energy efficient, as well as lighten the burden on your AC. Until things get scorchingly hot during the summer, this should be the main priority aside from staying cool and comfortable this winter!

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What’s the Big Deal With Compressor Repairs?

Monday, November 8th, 2021

Every air conditioner has a compressor, it’s true! If you have cooling equipment in your home that doesn’t use pressurized refrigerant, then you’re probably thinking of fans or dehumidifiers. Air conditioning systems, as we know them today, always have to have some kind of compressing component that uses pressurized refrigerant to absorb heat and move it.

So, it might make perfect sense that we end up talking about this vital component of your AC system. The phrase “problem with your compressor” is probably one of the scariest things a homeowner can hear when they call for a diagnosis, because it’s usually going to mean an expensive repair bill is on the horizon. However, we’d like to give this kind of AC repair in Wellington, FL a silver lining.

Let’s talk about compressor problems, why they’re so expensive, and how you can plan ahead when you’re dealing with one!

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Put Your AC Away—The Right Way!

Monday, October 25th, 2021

We’re slowly but steadily relying less and less on our air conditioners this year. While it’s still going to be hot and humid for plenty of days, we need to start thinking about the heat that is going to keep us warm during those few chilly nights. This is why we think it’s important to talk today about putting your AC away the right way, until hot temperatures pop back up after the new year.

We’re not just talking about making sure that you have a heating system ready to help you, we’re talking about protecting your AC from the elements and making sure that any rain or straggling storms don’t cause your hibernating cooling system to break down.

Follow along for some tips to protect your AC while it’s sitting there waiting for the next cooling season. And don’t forget to call our team for AC repair in Wellington if you need it!

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