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Sounds Your AC SHOULD Make

Hmm… That can’t be write. Don’t we usually talk about noises that your air conditioner should never make? How can we turn things around and talk about sounds your AC should make if it’s supposed to be quiet?

Well, the truth is that no appliance is ever really silent. Even air conditioners, for as quiet as they can be, should make some relatively low noises that facilitate the cooling process. After all, they’re doing a pretty considerable amount of work to cool your home down, so that would be quite an amazing feat of technology to have them work in complete silence.

Until that day comes, the important thing to remember as an AC owner is that your system should only make quiet, comfortable noises like the ones listed below. If you notice any strange or disconcerting noises coming from the system, then we urge you to call us for AC repair in Wellington.

The Gentle “Whoosh” of Air

Your air conditioner uses a blower fan to push air into the rooms of your home. Usually, this fan is far enough away that it can sound muffled, but every once in a while you’ll probably recognize the sound of a wooshing air coming from your air vents or from a fan. Don’t worry about those noises, those are totally normal!


Have you ever been minding your own business on a hot summer day, and you suddenly hear a click before the AC starts blowing cool air into your room? Well, this is totally natural as well! The capacitor signals to the system to start up by clicking and turning on. Then, you’re probably also aware of the fact that your system will click to turn off!

If you’re noticing a lot of different clicking sounds, or loud clicking sounds that sound off-putting, then your system might need repairs.

A Humming Compressor

The compressor of your air conditioner works very hard to cycle refrigerant and cool air. In the case of a central AC system, the compressor is outside of the home, so it’s usually making noise outside which can be muffled or impossible to hear from the inside. However, every once in a while you might hear the compressor humming as it cools your home. This is normal, and it’s a sound that signifies your system is actually doing its job.

If your AC is cooling your home and the compressor isn’t humming, that might actually be a bad sign since the system is just an overpriced and oversized fan at that point!

Dripping Water

No, your air conditioner isn’t leaking if it’s dripping. In fact, refrigerant leaks are usually experienced as a hissing or bubbling sound. A dripping water noise is the condensate that has collected on the coils of the system being deposited into the condensate drain. This water naturally gets deposited onto the coils of the system from the atmosphere, and there’s a whole system set up to drain that water and send it away from your AC. If your AC is leaking water, then that’s a whole different situation that requires professional attention.

Call Seaside Air Services to have your malfunctioning or loud AC repaired.

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