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Why Your Commercial Freezer Fails More Often Than The One At Home

Thursday, July 6th, 2023

Commercial freezers are important for businesses in the food industry, ensuring the proper storage and preservation of perishable goods.

Maybe you’ve recently encountered a problem with yours and are in need of commercial freezer repair in Lake Worth, FL? Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon for commercial freezers to experience more frequent failures compared to residential units.

This can lead to significant losses and disruption of operations. So why does this happen? Here are a few reasons that might cause issues!

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The Major Contaminants to Be Aware of

Monday, April 10th, 2023

Have you ever looked at a bacteriophage or virus under a microscope? There are lots of spindly bits and things that make it look more alive than ever.

We’re not just reminiscing on high school biology class, we want people to clearly remember that these things exist and they’re practically everywhere. Every breath you take in your home has contaminants in it, but some are much worse than others.

Today, we’re going to talk about the usual culprits of indoor air quality. These are the contaminants like bacteria and viruses that can easily infect humans and cause your home to go from a safe and comfortable haven to a place full of dirty tissues and constant sneezing. An air purifier is going to go a long way toward fixing this problem, but it needs to work properly.

Don’t hesitate to call the experts for UV air purifier services in Lake Worth, FL when you’re finished reading this blog!

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It’s AC Replacement Season!

Monday, February 27th, 2023

We practically use our air conditioning systems all year round, so sometimes it can feel like it’s always AC replacement season.

But the truth of the matter is that it’s not as hot now as it will be in the summer.

Temperatures can easily reach the triple digits on a regular basis during our hot and muggy summers, which means your air conditioner is going to be more important in the future than it is right now. So technically, this is our shoulder season where not many customers are relying on their systems.

That’s why we would consider this AC replacement season. While temperatures are still relatively bearable and while humidity isn’t too bad, you can investigate your old or outdated air conditioning system and figure out if it’s time to replace it.

Today, we’re going to talk about when you might need AC replacement in Lake Worth, FL, and what kind of systems might be perfect for taking your old system’s spot.

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“Is Something Wrong With My Air Purifier?”

Monday, January 16th, 2023

If we knew the answer to that question right here and now, we would tell you. But unfortunately, (or fortunately), we’re not at your home this very moment so we can’t really give you our professional opinion.

What we can do is empower you to make the right call and investigate for yourself whether or not your air purifier is encountering some problems.

Before the anxiety sets in, we want to ask all of our customers to relax. It’s very common for air purifiers to run into issues, especially if they’ve been working diligently to keep your home safe for years on end.

Bulbs can burn out, wires can fray, and mechanical malfunctions are just a natural part of life in the technological age. But our team can help you.

Let’s talk about some of the signs you might need air purifier repair in Lake Worth, FL, and how you can better spot a malfunctioning system.

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