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3 Rules for AC Replacement

So, your air conditioner has been helping you beat the heat this summer. Congratulations! We want everyone to be able to enjoy their air conditioning systems while they have them. These units are powerful, efficient, and just make life more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. And plus, with great advancements in technology over the past decade, they’re becoming more environmentally friendly as well!

However, many of our friends and neighbors are suffering from air conditioners that aren’t able to beat the heat anymore. Perhaps there’s a problem internally with the system and it needs to be examined by a professional. Or, the system could be reaching the end of its lifespan and they need AC replacement in Wellington, FL.

Regardless of what’s going on, we’d like to propose three specific rules that can help homeowners deal with the idea of whether they need to replace or repair their AC systems.

1. The Rule of 5000

The first rule we’d like to mention is the rule of “5000,” which is basically a shorthand formula you can use to determine whether your air conditioner deserves repairs or replacement.

Here’s how this works. If your air conditioner has a problem that requires professional attention, you should multiply the age of your system in years by the amount of the repair cost. If that number exceeds “5000,” then it means you should opt for replacing the system instead.

Think about it, this represents a line that if you cross it, you might be repairing parts of your AC that has otherwise been worn down to a point where it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit. With the opinion of a professional, this can be a helpful rule to follow.

2. The Halfway Rule

Every time there’s a serious issue with your air conditioner that requires repair, we urge you to look at the cost of a replacement system just in case. If the cost of repairs equals half or more of the cost that a new replacement would be, then a replacement is almost always the better option.

Replacement systems are designed to last another 10-15 years in age, so they represent a long-term investment that you might not get with a simple fix. Combine this rule with the opinion of a professional and you should have a clear answer as to which decision is right for you.

3. The 10-15 Year Rule

Air conditioners are only designed to last 10-15 years in age. Beyond this, they start getting worn down to the point where many components will need replacement, it becomes unreliable for your comfort, and it won’t operate at peak efficiency levels. This rule basically states that if your air conditioner reaches the 10-15 year mark, then it’s almost always worth it to replace it.

Many people have the idea that their air conditioners should last forever if cared for properly, like an old muscle car. But these systems are not designed to do that, and they’re actually modularly set up so they can be removed and replaced with relative ease!

To invest in a replacement air conditioner, call Seaside Air Services!

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