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7 Ways to Stay Efficient This Year

Energy efficiency and your air conditioning run hand in hand. Without proper AC services, your energy bill will likely skyrocket and you’ll see an increase in electricity costs through your home. Likewise, your AC might be in good shape, but if you’re not doing your part to stay energy efficient, your AC will begin to wear down and suffer.

Our team is concerned with keeping both of these categories in a good place. We want your air conditioner to work properly and efficiently, and we want your home to be as suited to energy efficiency as possible. All of this can be done through our maintenance program, and targeted AC repair in Wellington, FL by the pros on our team.

Down below, we’ve listed 7 helpful ways to keep your home energy efficient, as well as lighten the burden on your AC. Until things get scorchingly hot during the summer, this should be the main priority aside from staying cool and comfortable this winter!

Keep Things Insulated

Firstly, one of the easiest things you can do for your home comfort and efficiency, is to insulate your home. Keep your windows closed and secure, keep your door closed, and try to keep as much cool and comfortable air as possible inside your house. Our team can help you with some nifty tips for better insulation if you need it, just give us a call!

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Your AC relies on an influx of clean and fresh air that goes through an air filter. It’s your responsibility to continue changing the air filter on a regular basis. If you can do this, then we promise you’ll notice the steadiness in your air conditioner’s efficiency levels!

Invest in AC Maintenance

AC maintenance should be scheduled once every year, or twice if you’ve got a heat pump that works year round. You can estimate that you’d lose up to 5% of your energy efficiency per maintenance appointment missed, so try not to forget about this vital service!

Stay Vigilant for Problems and Call for Repairs

Listen for noises, keep your nose open for odors, and pay close attention to your air conditioner. The moment you recognize that something is wrong, you should call us!

Investigate Your Energy Bills

Energy bills that are rising or spiking can be a huge red flag. Make sure you pay attention to every bill you pay and keep them as records so you can call us when you notice something wrong.

Unblock Your Vents

Your vents are the main pathway for cool air to get into your living space. If they’re blocked by furniture or anything else, your home will have a harder time cooling down and your energy bills might go up.

Dress Lightly

If it’s hot out and your air conditioner is working as hard as it can, try avoiding the sweatshirt and wear some light, casual clothes. These will make it easier for your AC to cool you down and you won’t have to crank the thermostat so low!

Need professional help for your AC? Call Seaside Air Services and we’ll be there in no time!

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