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3 Winter AC Tips for Our Unique Climate

You’ve probably spoken to friends and relatives out of state by now and realized that the rest of the country is going through a bit of a temperature shift. In some places, it’s starting to snow. But down here, things are tropical which means they stay relatively warm all year round. That being said, we do experience a bit of a temperature shift during the winter, and you’re likely going to be using your air conditioner differently than you would in the summer.

This blog post is going to cover two important ideas. The first is that winter is the perfect time to schedule AC repair in Wellington, FL, since it might not be the most important appliance right now. The second idea will cover some tips that might help save you money, energy and help your AC technology breathe a sigh of relief.

Florida Winter Is Still Winter

In the wintertime here, it becomes much easier to open a window to get a cool breeze and you might not rely heavily on your air conditioner anymore. Sure, there will still be warm days ahead, but they’re few and far between. You might want to consider keeping your home warm while you take a look at your air conditioner from an outside perspective.

Why Is AC Repair Convenient in the Winter?

Think of AC repair this way–when you’re relying on your air conditioner during the heat of the summer, taking it offline to have it fixed can be a hard thing to deal with. All of a sudden your home could reach record temperatures and you might even deal with some terrible humidity that halts your day to day activities.

In the wintertime, temperatures are much milder which means that you can shut your air conditioner off for it to be fixed by a professional and it’s not going to heavily impact your life as much. This also allows us as professionals to take a longer look at your system since we’re not trying to work as quickly as possible to have it back up and running so your home doesn’t get too uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget to Evaluate the System

When you check out your air conditioner during the winter, it’s important to evaluate it for the future. Now that you’re not relying on it so heavily, maybe it’s time to start budgeting and thinking about replacing it with a system that can last the next 10-15 years of your life?

Or, if you’re in the market for a heating and cooling system, why not investigate replacing your air conditioner with a heat pump that can do both jobs in the same unit?

Schedule Spring Maintenance and Change the Air Filter

Before we close today, we need to talk about two things. First, it’s important to change your air filter out so that you’re not surprised by a dirty filter in the spring or during that one hot day of the winter. Then, be sure to schedule maintenance with a professional for spring so you’re ready to go in the new year!

Contact Seaside Air Services to have your air conditioner repaired or inspected today.

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