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Your Pool Heater Might Need to Be Fixed

Even during the hottest points of the summer, it still feels incredible to have a hot tub or a heated pool to use when temperatures drop at night. There’s pretty much no season where a pool heater isn’t a great thing to have, which is why our team specializes in pool heater repair in Boca Raton, FL.

How do you know if your pool heater needs help? That’s a complicated question, and the answers are going to be in this blog. However, we need to also talk about why it’s so important to call for professional support with your pool heater. These are not systems that are easily fixed or even accessed by homeowners, and you could hurt yourself, destroy components of the system, or even just lose money by trying to do this kind of work on your own.

So sit back, relax, and keep reading about ways that your pool heater is telling you it need professional help.

The Temperature Isn’t Right

The temperature of a pool is vital, especially if you’ve got a hot tub that can be operated with a panel. A pool heater is specifically designed to meet the temperature threshold that you set, which is why they come in all different shapes and sizes. Your particular pool heater was likely installed with the ability to keep your pool at a warm temperature, and this is one of the first ways you can tell that something is wrong.

Simply put, if the temperature isn’t matching what you set on the panel, then something is wrong. Only a licensed professional can fix this issue affordably.

It’s Constantly Running

If your pool heater is constantly running, then it might need help. Sure, your pool is the right temperature but it could be using way too much energy to keep it that way. This is likely a malfunction and something that can be fixed by a professional.

Your Pool Heater Is Making Strange Noises

Is your pool heater grinding, buzzing, or not making any noise at all? Then you might have a problem that needs to be repaired. Pool heater noises are one of the easiest ways to tell that there’s a problem, since the people using the pool might detect them, even if you don’t!

Call Our Team for Help

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you hire a professional technician to have your pool heater fixed. It might sound like an easy fix for you to do on your own, but half of the tools you wish you had are going to be expensive and not worth the investment cost.

Also, we want you to think about the money you’ve put into your pool, and how you can jeopardize that by trying to make a fix to a pool heater on your own. Pools are wonderful investments, especially where we live, but that shouldn’t be risked with a botched pool heater repair that makes the pool practically unusable.

These are the important things to consider when deciding between DIY repairs or calling for help.

Contact Seaside Air Services for help with your pool heater repair.

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