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Get That Wine Cooler Working Again

Remember when your wine cooler was working as intended? You could offer anyone a drink that was perfectly chilled, whether it was a hardy Italian red or an Argentinian white.

Ever since then, you’ve encountered temperature fluctuations or electrical problems that caused some of your wine to taste bad and you might not even use your cooler anymore.

It’s a shame, because these systems can be extremely good at keeping wine fresh tasting and they’re very efficient.

We’d like to argue that those days aren’t over. Your wine cooler can operate again exactly how you want it to, as long as you hire a trustworthy team of licensed refrigeration specialists like the ones on our team. We can bring you wine cooler repair in Jupiter, FL that turns your home back into the hosting powerhouse it once was!

Temperature Fluctuations

Wine doesn’t do well with temperature fluctuations. If it did, we could simply keep it outside. But wine should always be kept between 52-57˚F to keep all of those wonderful tastes from going bad. This is important, because wine is a product of the fermentation process, which can go poorly in multiple different ways.

Wine can get better with age, but that age depends on the temperature it’s being kept at. Here are a few looks what can happen to your wine if the temperature fluctuates too much.

  • Wine that’s too cold will expand and put pressure on the bottle, the cork, and even ruin some of the flavors. This is why you might see a wine bottle look cracked or broken after only being stored for a few months or years–it’s been chilled too much and it should have been a bit warmer.
  • Wine that’s improperly stored can continue to ferment and start tasting acidic, sour, or even like vinegar. This is never good and can happen when the bottle cracks due to temperature problems.
  • If your wine gets too warm, like in the 60˚ or 70˚ range, it can start to cook. This means that the wonderful flavors you’ve worked so hard to keep contained get ruined through heat over a prolonged period of time.

We could go on, but the truth is there. Your wine should be kept at a reasonably mild temperature until it is served.

A Malfunctioning Cooler

If your wine cooler shuts off abruptly from time to time, then this can endanger all of the products inside of it. Sure, it’s not necessarily a temperature fluctuation, but it can lead to a spike in temperature which can ruin the bottles that are being stored.

This is most likely an electrical issue that should be repaired by a licensed technician. No matter the make or model of your wine cooler, we can inspect it and diagnose the issue quickly.

An Old or Outdated Cooler

Wine coolers can get worn down after years of use. Your wine might actually outlive the lifespan of your wine cooler, which can be a tricky situation to be in!

Make sure you get your system replaced if it’s not working properly anymore, or if it’s using outdated technology to keep your wine at a good temperature.

Schedule an appointment with Seaside Air Services to have your wine cooler fixed.

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