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Get Your Heat Pump Maintained Before Winter

It’s heat pump maintenance season! Well, technically it’s heater maintenance season as well, but so many of our customers use heat pumps that it’s really one in the same. We’re here to talk about the importance of heat pump maintenance and also remind homeowners that they should start scheduling their second heat pump maintenance appointment.

Second heat pump maintenance appointment? Did we say that correctly? Why do heat pumps in Wellington, FL need to be maintained again if they already got maintenance in the Spring?

That’s a great question! Heat pumps require maintenance twice a year for them to function at peak performance and efficiency. We’ve dedicated this blog post to explaining why this is.

If you’d like to learn more about your heat pump, and why maintenance is so important for this kind of system, then just keep reading!

The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps require maintenance just like any other air conditioner or heating system. All of the components need to be adjusted and repaired on a yearly basis, otherwise you could see some problems arise. Here are just a few things that might happen if you skip out on maintenance.

  • Inefficiency. It’s estimated that every year you skip maintenance on your heat pump, the system loses up to 5% of its efficiency. This number compounds and can end up costing you a 20% increase on your monthly energy bills in a few years.
  • Poor comfort. If your heat pump isn’t maintained, it’s not going to relibly keep you comfortable both during the winter and the summer. Your comfort is important!
  • More repairs. It’s proven that a heat pump that goes without maintenance is going to break down at a faster rate than one that’s taken care of. You’ll see an uptick in repair costs throughout the years that could be avoided with maintenance.
  • Limited lifespan. You were sold a system that would last 10-15 years in age, right? Well, that timeline might get cut short if it’s not well-maintained. You could be lucky to see half that age before it fully breaks down.

Why Twice a Year?

Now, you might be asking why a heat pump requires maintenance twice a year. The answer is simple!

A heat pump functions as both a heating system and an air conditioner. This causes it to be a year-long comfort system that you rely on more heavily than other heating or cooling systems. That means with twice the burden, it requires twice the maintenance!

Sign Up for Our 15-Point Maintenance Plan

Need a little extra nudge in the right direction? Take a look at a few other benefits that come from our maintenance plan:

  • Effective 15 point inspection. Our inspection is designed to catch even the smallest problems that are budding.
  • No overtime charges. We’ll stay late and we won’t charge you for it!
  • Priority scheduling. Get to the front of the line when you a maintenance member.
  • 10% Off all system parts. This makes repairs much easier to deal with when they do pop up.

Call Seaside Air Services for high quality heat pump maintenance!

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