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Save Big on a New AC Installation

Money in the form of many large bills

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be one of the largest investments you make in a year. They can sometimes be as expensive as a used car, or more expensive than room upgrades and rennovations. They require a lot of planning and budget calculations, which can be extremely stressful for homeowners.

We’re never going to convince you to get an AC installation in Wellington, FL. That’s not our job. If your savings are reserved for a few vacations or some experiences with the family, then we wish you and your family the best. But if the Florida heat is bearing down on you to the point of misery or stress, then we’re here to help.

Let’s talk about some ways you can save money on a new AC. Through tax credits, industry rebates, and maintenance agreements, you can get a high-efficiency air conditioner for a relatively low cost!

Three Ways to Save

Sure, every company is going to have deals going on that incentivize homeowners to purchase new air conditioners. But these deals will usually vary from season to season, and it’s almost impossible to plan your next huge purchase accordingly without getting lucky.

These ways to save are static—they’re dependant on the year and company, but they rarely change or go away completely. This means you can take advantage of them right now.

Tax Credits

If you’ve got an old, outdated, or low-efficiency air conditioner that still works, you’re probably looking to upgrade. Luckily, federal, state, and local governments want you to upgrade as well! Tax credits are designed to get homeowners to invest in air conditioners that use less energy and emit lower carbon emissions.

These types of tax credits are a win-win scenario. They help homeowners cut back on energy consumption, which eases the load on the energy grid, while also giving homeowners cash for upgrading their comfort systems.

Manufacturer Rebates

Manufacturers are constantly producing newer and more efficient air conditioners. These manufacturers also want homeowners to buy their new products. But what if an old model air conditioner that was designed by these manufacturers is still in use in many homes across the country? Well, that’s where rebates come in.

Rebates are an incentive designed by a manufacturer to get you to upgrade to their newest and most efficient models. This saves you a large chunk of money on a new AC installation while also allowing you to purchase the manufacturer’s new product. Another win-win scenario!

Maintenance Agreements

Last but definitely not least, maintenance agreements can be a tremendous help for homeowners in need of a new AC. First, they’re necessary when you purchase an air conditioner because they help it meet efficiency requirements as well as extend its lifespan.

But some maintenance agreements have discounts for new AC installations and replacements. As long as you’re part of a maintenance agreement with a team you trust, you can stand to save even more money on a new AC installation.

When you get in touch with our professionals, ask us about tax credits, rebates, and any other promotions we might be running. We’ll be honest with you and help you save as much as possible on your new AC!

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