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Invest in an Air Purifier Today

Ever since 2020, the purification of our indoor air has been front and center on the news and in scientific research. We’ve always been the victims of viruses and bacterial infections, but the extent of these infections would always vary. Now, with the help of systems like UV air purifiers, we have the technology on a wide scale to help prevent infections and keep contaminants out of our homes.

No, we’re not talking about some hyper-expensive technology that only exists in hospitals and laboratories. A UV air purifier is available for your home today at an affordable price, and our team can be the one to install it! But first, it’s probably important for you to learn about this technology.

Keep reading to learn more about why a UV air purifier in Wellington, FL is going to improve the safety and comfort of your home for the foreseeable future.

How a UV Air Purifier Works

A UV air purifier does a simple job but there are many ways to describe what it does. Some use the scientific term “irradiation” and others use the simplified term of “purification,” but when you boil it down, both of these mean the same thing.

UV light is harmful to single-celled organisms. Before you think that this means it’ll hurt you, remember that you’re a multicellular organism, so this doesn’t apply to you. Single-celled organisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores can be permanently affected by UV light and rendered harmless.

This irradiation or purification basically stops the contaminant from reproducing, which leaves it to be just cleaned up when it settles on a surface.

Eliminating Odors

Did we mention that UV air purifiers also help eliminate odors as well? It’s true!

When your nose picks up odors, it might feel like some kind of hidden superpower, but what’s really happening is that your nose is detecting small particles in the air that come from something nasty. The more particles there are in the air, the stronger the scent can become.

When a UV air purifier treats the air in your home and eliminates these contaminants from the air, your nose won’t pick them up as frequently and you’ll be free to enjoy fresh, clean scents in your house.

Purify All of the Air in Your Home

What’s one thing that the air in your living room, your bedroom, and your kitchen all have in common? They all go through your home’s HVAC system! When your forced-air heating or air conditioning system starts controlling the temperature, it needs to go through all of the air in your home, otherwise, you’ll have certain areas that still feel uncomfortable.

This is the trick behind a whole-home air purifier’s power. It’s put right where all of the air in your home travels to get heated or cooled down, and it purifies the air as it passes by. Think of this system as a bottleneck that purifies all of the air from your home that’s squeezed through the area of your ductwork.

Interested in a UV air purifier? Call Seaside Air Services today!

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