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Is Your Home Right for a Ductless Heat Pump?

If you’ve noticed, on our website we’ve got a whole page dedicated to ductless systems in Wellington. This might be confusing to some homeowners, since these systems have previously been thought of as “niche” systems, or alternatives to the tried and true central air conditioner. However, the times have changed and we’re on a mission to share some facts with our community about ductless heating systems.

Ductless systems are actually great for many homes in our area that would otherwise go with a central AC system. They’re also really good heating systems for those few chilly nights we experience here in Wellington. Since the goal of our work is to keep you comfortable at the lowest price possible, a ductless heating and cooling system might actually achieve that goal much better than any other unit.

Keep reading to learn more about these great systems and why one could be perfect for your house!

They’re Perfect for Our Climate

First things first, we have to talk about the fact that heat pumps are perfect for our climate. They’re both heating and cooling systems, and they work extremely well for moderate winters and hot summers. For more extreme cold temperatures (like our neighbors up north), heat pumps can start to wane in efficiency and power, but in our neck of the woods, they’re perfect.

If you’re looking for a system that’s specifically designed to provide you with year-long comfort here, then a ductless system is a good choice.

Ductless Systems Are More Efficient

Ductless systems are considered extremely efficient when compared to other heating or cooling systems. This is because they run via electricity and can be used to control the temperature of smaller spaces. Each ductless air handler that runs in your home can heat or cool a designated area to a precise temperature. You can tailor the areas of your home that get the most comfortable treatment through your thermostat, so you’re always paying less on your electrical bill over time.

Convenience and Versatility

What happens when one of your ductless mini-split air handlers breaks down? While it’s still a problem that needs to be fixed, the good news is that the other air handlers in your home will continue to work to the best of their ability. This means you can still enjoy quality heating and cooling throughout the year in the other areas of your home while you get that air handler fixed.

Also, you can say goodbye to the fight over the thermostat your family is used to having. Each air handler will have a different thermostat that can be set to certain standards. You can keep the bedroom cooler than the kitchen, and this precise control is bound to keep everyone happy.

Are You Ready to Purchase a Ductless Heat Pump?

Ductless heating and cooling systems are investments. They’re likely going to cost more to install than other more affordable heating or cooling systems. However, we urge homeowners to think of the long-term and how these systems will likely cause a reduction in your energy bills and a huge improvement in your comfort for years to come. They’re worth the investment!

Contact Seaside Air Services for more information about ductless HVAC systems!

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