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3 Unique Problems With Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are pretty common in our area. There’s a combination of homeowners that enjoy being off the grid and having access only to electricity, and homeowners that just don’t use their heating that much throughout the year.

An electric furnace is affordable and efficient, which means for those few chilly nights of the year, it really does the trick without requiring extensive gas lines and other setups.

However, electric furnaces can run into their own problems that can make homeowners scratch their heads. And, because many cabins, lake houses, and beach houses use electric furnaces, these issues might spring up once or twice while you’re there. So, it’s important to be keenly aware of how an electric furnace can malfunction, and why you might be in the best position to get it fixed today.

Don’t worry, let us fix your electric furnace. You just call a professional and schedule heating repair in Boca Raton, FL.

Corroding or Fraying Wires

Wires are copper, and copper can corrode after a long period of time. If your furnace isn’t working properly or it keeps shutting down, it could be due to the fact that the wires are corroding.

Check and see if some of them seem old or discolored, but be sure to leave any interior wires of your system alone. They could electrocute you, or you could break them in the search for a diagnosis.

Likewise, wires can also begin to fray over time, which is another contributing factor to the lifespan of an electric furnace. A system could abruptly shut down or have trouble running full cycles if the wires are frayed and not able to hold a steady current.

Tripping Circuits

Tripping circuits could be the problem that’s causing your electric furnace to keep shutting off. If the system draws too much power from your home’s power grid, or if the electrical panel just isn’t set up to handle this much electricity transfer, the circuits could trip and your system could abruptly be without power.

If this is a recurring problem in your home, then be sure to contact our team to have your electric furnace repaired, or your circuits fixed, so that your home can remain warm.

A Broken or Burnt-Out Blower Motor

The blower component of a furnace is the part that pushes the heated air throughout the ductwork and the rest of your home. Without it, your home could feel stale and uncomfortable, since the furnace will be nice and warm, but that heat has no method of reaching the rest of your home.

If your house feels cold and the furnace seems like it’s running competently–or if you’re not hearing the gentle whir of a fan inside of your furnace system–then you’ve likely got a problem with the blower system.

The blower motor could be burnt out, which is another electrical component that needs to be fixed. Or, the fan itself could be broken and the whole blower component needs to be replaced. Either way, your furnace won’t do much without a blower system in good shape!

It’s time to contact Seaside Air Services for help with your electric furnace!

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