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3 Common Pool Heater Repair Requests

A swimming pool can be a source of endless enjoyment and relaxation during the warm months. To make the most of your pool a functioning pool heater is needed. Pool heaters allow you to extend your swimming season, making sure that your pool water stays comfortable even when the weather cools down. Sometimes however, they run into issues and require pool heater repairs in Wellington, FL. Let’s look at three common repairs that pool owners often encounter.

1. No Heat Output

One of the most frequent issues pool owners face with their heaters is the complete lack of heat output. This problem can be particularly frustrating when you’re looking forward to a refreshing swim, only to find that the water remains cold.

  • Sometimes the thermostat may malfunction or lose its calibration. This can be addressed by having a technician recalibrate or replace it.
  • Dirty or clogged filters can restrict water flow preventing the pool water from reaching the heater. Regularly clean and replace your pool filters to prevent this issue.
  • If you have a gas pool heater make sure that there is a enough gas supply and that the gas valve is open.

2. Hot Spots

Another common problem is uneven heating. This is where certain areas of the pool are a lot warmer than others. It can make your swimming experience less enjoyable. Here’s a couple reasons that might be causing the issue.

  • A dirty heat exchanger can lead to uneven heating. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the heat exchanger, can resolve this issue.
  • If your pool heater is too small for your pool’s size it may struggle to hold a consistent water temperature. Consult a professional to determine if your heater is appropriately sized for your pool.

3. Frequent Cycling On and Off

This refers to a situation where the pool heater turns on and off rapidly and frequently. It can put unnecessary strain on the equipment and increase energy consumption. Reasons for this problem include the following.

  • A malfunctioning thermostat can cause short cycling. A technician can diagnose and fix the problem by recalibrating or replacing the thermostat.
  • Lack of water flow through the heater can trigger the problem. Make sure that the pool pump and filter are functioning correctly and there are no blockages in the circulation system.

A functional pool heater is important for maintaining a comfortable swimming environment, extending your swimming season and making the most of your pool investment. If you encounter any of these common pool heater repair requests, address them quickly to make sure that your pool remains a source of enjoyment throughout the swimming season. 

Regular maintenance and professional inspections can help prevent these issues. Contact Seaside Air Services to schedule your appointment today!

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