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It’s Time to Plan for Commercial AC Maintenance—And All Its Benefits!


If you own or operate a commercial facility in the Palm Beach area, you understand how much you rely on an air conditioning system during the hot, humid, and long summers.

The last thing you want to encounter during a summer business day is your AC system giving out: it can mean loss of revenue from existing customers, unproductive workers, unhappy tenants, and more depending on what kind of business you run. It can also lead to serious equipment damage.

Although you can always rely on our team for commercial AC repair in Jupiter, FL and throughout the Palm Beach area, we want you to avoid problems in the first place—and we know you’d prefer that too.

The best method is to plan for your commercial AC maintenance. February is early enough for it, because warm weather comes rushing up fast in the spring.

Commercial AC Maintenance Is a Great Deal

When you schedule maintenance, our technicians will come to your commercial facility and perform a thorough inspection of your cooling equipment and clean it and make adjustments to alleviate wear and tear. The benefits of having this service done annually are tremendous:

  • Equipment Longevity: Maintenance removes the accumulation of stress on air conditioning equipment that can lead to it needing an early replacement. Lack of maintenance can mean needing to replace an AC unit long before it reaches its estimated service life—sometimes only half that service life. Maintenance will see you get the best return on your original investment in your HVAC equipment. 
  • Reduce Repair Needs: More than 50% of the repairs a piece of HVAC equipment will need during its service life are due to maintenance neglect. When you have regular inspections and tune-ups for your commercial AC system, more than half of the repairs you’d otherwise need to schedule will vanish. That saves both time and money.
  • Maintain Energy Efficiency: As equipment wears down with use, it will drain more power to run. HVAC systems will lose around 5% of their efficiency rating each year unless professionally maintained—and that will quickly add up. Professional maintenance will slow this decline so a unit only loses 5% efficiency over most of its service life.
  • Warranty Protection: The warranty on most commercial HVAC equipment will only remain in force if the owner can show proof of routine maintenance. You don’t want to lose the warranty that defends you from having to pay for factory faults in your AC units.
  • Prevent Emergency Breakdowns: Once you’ve gotten your air conditioning equipment maintained in spring, you can relax knowing that the chance it will abruptly fail during the hot weather is extremely low. This piece of mind is perhaps the greatest benefit of maintenance. 

Arrange for Maintenance Today

As we mentioned before, February is a good time to think about the coming hot weather. You can take advantage of a slower work period for our technicians and find a convenient appointment for your commercial air conditioning maintenance. 

Contact Seaside Air Services for comprehensive commercial care you can count on.

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