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The Biggest Reason to Defer to a Pro for AC Installation


We finally get a bit of a break from the hot temperatures of spring, summer, and fall. There will be hot days on the horizon, but for everyone looking to upgrade their air conditioner and invest in a new system, then we’d like to warn you of the dangers that come with DIY work.

It might seem fairly simple to set up an air conditioner yourself, but it’s actually incredibly complex and there’s a particular thing that always gets messed up when homeowners try to do this on their own.

One of the major reasons why people invest in early AC replacements is due to a botched installation and incorrect sizing. An AC installation in West Palm Beach, FL needs to be accurately sized for the home that it’s going to cool, otherwise, it can run into several problems that can cut the lifespan of the system nearly in half.

The Load Calculation

In order to make sure that the AC you chose to have installed is right for your home, you need to invest in a “load calculation.” This is basically where a technician uses specific measuring equipment to determine how much air volume exists in your home, which is going to help guide the size of the AC that needs to be installed.

For instance, a home with only two bedrooms and a small communal area can get by with a much smaller and more affordable air conditioner than a multi-story, multi-bedroom home that’s double the square footage of the initial one.

Remember, this step cannot be skipped. If it is, you might end up with an oversized AC or an undersized AC.

The Problems With an Oversized AC

An oversized air conditioner is going to do something called short cycling. This is when the AC turns on for only a brief, short cycle, before abruptly shutting down. This is due to the fact that it cools down a house too quickly because it’s designed to cool a much larger amount of air than the air that’s in your home.

Short cycling is a bad thing. It can lead to stressed-out components and a much shorter lifespan than a system that runs at peak efficiency. And, the sad part is that there’s no good solution except for an early replacement, so be sure to avoid this at all costs.

Issues With an Undersized AC

An undersized air conditioner is not a good alternative to an oversized one. A system that’s not large enough for your home is going to have trouble cooling down the space. And, what’s the point of having an air conditioner if it’s too small and underpowered to keep your home cool? At that point, you’re basically just paying for an oversized fan.

Avoid DIY Work at All Costs

The load calculation and other specific processes are part of professional installation. So, you never have to worry about these issues as long as you go with a pro for this kind of work. When you try to take things on yourself, all bets are off and you could end up overlooking something that’s vital.

Contact Seaside Air Services to have your air conditioner installed by a team of skilled professionals.

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