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Put Your AC Away—The Right Way!

We’re slowly but steadily relying less and less on our air conditioners this year. While it’s still going to be hot and humid for plenty of days, we need to start thinking about the heat that is going to keep us warm during those few chilly nights. This is why we think it’s important to talk today about putting your AC away the right way, until hot temperatures pop back up after the new year.

We’re not just talking about making sure that you have a heating system ready to help you, we’re talking about protecting your AC from the elements and making sure that any rain or straggling storms don’t cause your hibernating cooling system to break down.

Follow along for some tips to protect your AC while it’s sitting there waiting for the next cooling season. And don’t forget to call our team for AC repair in Wellington if you need it!

Cover Your Air Conditioner

One of the easiest things you can do for your air conditioner as you begin to use it less this year is to find a good cover for it. These can be anything from a nice cover purchased online, or a tarp that you fasten to the bottom of the outdoor cabinet. These kinds of materials are great for helping your system last long because it shields the outdoor cabinet from the elements like rain, dust, dirt, critters, and anything the wind of a storm might blow in.

Just make sure that your system is not running while it’s covered, that’s a recipe for disaster!

Switch Your Heat Pump From Cooling to Heating Mode

If you have a heat pump, there’s an extra step you need to follow when switching from cooling to heating season. There should be a setting to switch on your thermostat where it goes from cooling to heating mode. This reminds your heat pump that it’s going to start running in reverse and the system will pull heat into your home instead of draw it out of it.

Make sure you call our team for help if you encounter any problems when trying to switch your heat pump’s mode.

Change the Air Filter

We know this is a little nit-picky, but it absolutely helps. While you might think that your air conditioner is done for the year, we know you’ll need it next cooling season. Why not change the air filter now so that you’re one step ahead when the cooling season returns next year?

Get the System Repaired Now

This is an important step that we hope homeowners don’t overlook. AC repairs don’t go away on their own, and if you’ve got a problem that’s fresh in your mind, we highly advise you get it checked out before you stop using your AC as much.

It can be easy to forget the problems with your air conditioner when you’re not using it, but those problems will persist and likely get worse over time. While they’re fresh in your mind, you should call us so we can fix them and set you up for success next year!

Contact Seaside Air Services for AC repairs nearby.

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