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3 Tips for Your Next AC Installation

The times are changing! As it always is with any industry, there are good changes and bad changes. Let’s start with the bad.

Energy prices are on the rise, as well as gas prices. These are causing some pretty huge shifts in the industry and unfortunately, some homeowners are getting caught up in it. It can be hard to want to switch to a new and efficient air conditioning system if electricity is so expensive, but that’s where the good news comes in.

With new tax credits, rebates, and efficiency standards, AC systems are using less energy than they ever have before. And, as time goes on and more people switch to these efficient electricity-based units, the power grid will be upgraded and electricity will be cheaper.

Let’s take a look at three distinct ways to save on your next AC installation in Wellington, FL.

New Tax Credits

You’ve probably seen the news that there are some major residential tax credits headed our way. Many of the residential heat pump tax credits were scheduled to expire this year, but the federal government just allowed for these tax credits to be increased and extended until 2032! This means that it’s the perfect time to invest in a high efficiency heat pump system for your home.

Why is this happening? Well, two things. The first is that the federal government is trying to incentivize people to invest in high efficiency, electrical heating and cooling systems to help fight climate change. The second is that there are some major investments planned for our national power grid, so we’ll hopefully have more electricity for cheaper, that homeowners can take advantage of with their electricity-based units.

Manufacturer Rebates

Manufacturers are changing the way they build systems these days. Gone are the days of trying to build the most energy-guzzling, high-powered air conditioner in the world. Even deceptively small units, like ductless mini splits, are powerful enough to cool and heat an entire household. The truth is that the importance lies less in the power of the systems, and more in the efficiency.

So, in order to expand this type of production, manufacturers like Daikin and Mitsubishi are actually providing rebates for some of their newer, more efficient products. This allows you to finally make the switch to the system you were thinking about, without having to pay nearly as much as you would otherwise!

Changing Efficiency Standards

One problem we’ve been seeing in the HVAC industry, are improper efficiency standards. If air conditioners that are high-efficiency are considered “luxury products,” then many homeowners are going to shy away from them, even if there’s a huge market for them.

With new efficiency standards and ENERGY STAR labels going on more systems, the term “energy efficient” is going to become an industry-wide standard that’s going to impact anyone looking for an air conditioner. Even if you’re shopping on a low budget, you should still be able to purchase a system that weighs minimally on the power grid and doesn’t cost too much to run.

Seaside Air Services has your back. Contact us for any questions you might have about this new home comfort landscape.

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